• Sheath Style
  • Hot Junction Style
  • Bare Wire
  • Precious Metal
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Thermocouples can be built to order. We stock multiple diameters, materials, calibration types and an unlimited amount of options to meet your specific needs. As a longtime leader in the field of temperature measurement, Pyro service continues to meet the demands of technological advances by developing thermocouples using materials with unusually high performance characteristics and superior quality. All of Pyro Services thermocouples are manufactured in house. Please give us a call for any special requests.

Sheath Style (Read more...)

Hot Junction Style (Read more...)

Bare Wire (Read more...)

Precious Metal Thermocouples (Read more...)

  • Platinum, S and R calibration types
  • Ceramic or Alumina Insulated
  • High temperature accuracy
  • Various sheath options