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Since day one, Pyro Service has delivered high quality, reliable thermocouples. Still, we continue to stock a multitude of bare and insulated thermocouple wires in several gages as well as various sheath protected mineral insulated thermocouple materials in several calibration and various diameters.

Sheath Style (Read more...)

Hot Junction Style (Read more...)

Bare Wire (Read more...)

Precious Metal Thermocouples

  • Platinum, S and R calibration types
  • Ceramic or Alumina Insulated
  • High temperature accuracy
  • Various sheath options

Protection Tubes
We offer a selection of various gradeInconel Alloy and Stainless Steel Protection tube assemblies.All of Pyro Service’s protection tubes are made in house using American manufactured pipe stock. Protection tubes can come equipped with a variety of thermocouple styles and calibrations to suit your application. (Read more...)

Termocouple Accessories
At Pyro Service Company offer a wide variety of thermocouple accessories. Most accessories are in-stock and ready to ship same day. (Read more...)

Chart Paper & Recording Products
Pyro Service is your single source for all of your chart recorder supplies. We offer a full line of recording charts and marking products to fit all makes and models of chart recorders used in the field today. (Read more...)