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About Us

We here at Pyro Service Company take pride ininternally maintaining our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory in order to establish the highest level of traceability and accuracy so we may provide a reliable, responsive and personal calibration service to our customers.

Originally opening our doors in Detroit in 1944, manufacturing thermocouples and protection tube assemblies, Pyro Service Company has grown to serve the Midwest region in the maintenance, calibration and repair of temperature control, timing and recording equipment. Our services have developed to include on-site instrument calibration, system accuracy testing, temperature uniformity surveying, humidity system testing, as well as electrical and mechanical malfunction diagnoses and repair. With calibration services capable of complying with a multitude of industry standards including AMS 2750D and BAC5621K.

Pyro Service diligently serves the temperature control industry distributing and repairing mechanical actuators, pressure switches, flame safety units, dew point analyzers, carbon monitoring systems,  portable measurement equipment including Infra-red (IR) pyrometers, digital multi-meters, and handheld thermocouple thermometers, as well as bulk calibrated extension and thermocouple grade wire traceable to NIST. And, as we have been for over 60 years, Pyro Service is available for manufacturing custom thermocouple assemblies and heating elements to fit any need.

Manufacturing with American based material Pyro Service Company faithfully focuses on personal service and care, Pyro Service Company maintains a seemingly forgotten industry foundation, believing the strength of our business rests in yours. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is available to assist you regardless of the age, size, model or manufacturer of your system components. We are only a phone call away.